Thursday, 1 May 2008

Intermission: A Word from our Sponsors

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Greetings Citizens!

We at Luddites and Gadgets, who brought you the Easyphone and Wind-up charger, are sending you this latest offering, which brings a wonderful low-tech solution to power-failure induced hypertension. We love it!

You may have already seen this...but our mission is to alert and inform in a blanket fashion. This is the techy element creeping in. We are up for being considered spam, in an effort to bring manageable technology to the people.

Kindest Regards,

(Editor in Chief (elected.) Check out our SALE items, below!


Great news for all Luddites out there in mobile land. Although not specifically designed with us in mind, this top telephone has caused a great stir since we reviewed it last month. We have the wonderful Easyphone now on sale at slightly less than half-price. Hooray! No high-pitched internalised screams over T9 texting with this baby. You can't text from it at all.Problem solved! Get this stress-dissolving gadget and reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.

The smokin hot high-octane Easyphone Curve (above) casts a scurrilous orbit at 3G, trackballs and touchscreens. You cannot actually call from this little gem, but you can input your favourite numbers. It also comes complete with a big button on the back, which if you get into a fankle, can be pressed, alerting the emergency services over a sixteen-mile radius.

Note:We recommend a square-inch of Duck-tape to guard against accidental pressage. Check out our shop for great deals on this Luddite failsafe favourite. Our motto: Duck tape makes the things we can actually work, last that little bit longer. Keep that scary upgrade in the box!



Here we have the sizzlin wind-up charger, which acts simultaneously as a fitness device. So portable! Also doubles as an anti-stress gadget in those midday meetings where seething inwardly will lead to a peptic ulcer. Save on Tagamet, and wind this little hum-dinger to reduce chagrin. We recommend winding in full-view on the tabletop. This will not only infuse colleagues with envy, but will distract your rambling boss at the same time, letting you get at least some of your lunch-break.

Note:(The fitness element is reflected in the extent of the wind-age required to achieve ninety-seconds of talk-time. 360 revolutions will give you biceps like David Banner in chlorophyll mode.)

Keep checking-in for more reviews of low-tech solutions!


Dr. Bob said...

You have done the work for us! I still think I need the winding up phone charger.

Bama said...

Anything involving food AND technology gets my vote!

You know...there really is freedom in limited more days spent mulling over the multitudes of options.

Remember when our choice in phones was limited to the kind that hung on the wall..or the kind that sat on a table?

rowan said...

Hullo Bob and Bama!

Bob - yeah, the wind-up charger rocks. Howevurr...I don't know that it comes with an adaptor suitable for a Treo. Sorry. I know you will be distraught. I will email the manufacturers, and see what they can do. Can see such a nifty device would come in very handy for you wnen you're oot and aboot in far-flung deserted locations. does come with an adaptor for a Motorazr. I am deeply jellis. moves so quickly. I have a cordless phone, but i can nevr find it. It makes ghostly ringing noises from behind the setee or under the computer desk. My mobile only rings three thimes, so it is a marathon sprint to get to it before cutting the caller off. need to check the instructions and fix this, but I never have. I and i guesss i never will!

Woo hoo to food and technology. Unlesss that means tiny frozen diet meals! The onion and lemonade iPod charger is fab. Charge your iPod while you shop! Mayhap it is a low-tech form of free wifi. :)

rowan said...

Excuse the typos in the last post. :/

I am wondering...having ripped video from YouTube (ooh, doesn't that sound reeeeallly happenin) will I need, in all conscience, to change the name of this blog? Hmmm. Mayhap...:)

Anonymous said...
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